Q. What is a FAQ

A. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I try to login, I get a blank screen that says "Invalid Token". What does that mean?

A. An invalid password was used. Click back on your browser and try entering your password again. Remember that your password is case sensitive. If you continue to have issues, click on "Contact" and "Registration / Login Support" and send us an email. Don't forget to let us know who you are so that we can contact you to help.

Q. How do I get hold of...

  • Gate Transponder
  • Gate Card
  • Regency Lakes Master Pool Key
  • Brittany Park Pool Key
  • Fairmont Park Pool Key
  • Swans Landing Pool Key

A. Campbell sells all these items at the Clubhouse. You need to go in person and provided a check or money order made out to the Regency Lakes HOA. Check Contacts for the Property Manager's hours of operation.

Q. This website is Awesome! Who's behind it?

A. The Regency Lakes Website is brought to you by the Technology Committee made up of members of our community; Fred Gordon, Lindsay Hodes, Bonita Marriott, Gloria DeJesus, Jay Parades and Miranda Singley

Q. Why am I getting a paper newsletter in addition to an electronic newsletter?

A. All residents will recieve both the paper newsletter and the e-newsletter begining January 2015. In order to reduce our newsletter costs and be more enviornmentally friendly, by mid 2016, you will automatically be converted to the e-newsletter only option. Should you want to continue to receive the paper edition, you will be given ample opportiunity to opt-in to continue to receive both versions. We encourage our website users to support our eco friendly efforts in reducing paper and financial costs to our association.


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