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Image result for cribbageEvery Tuesday and Thursday afternoon between 1:30 and 4:00 we have a group playing cribbage in the clubhouse. I would like to welcome any Regency Lakes resident to join us for an afternoon filled with fun, laughs, and competitive cribbage playing. You say you've never heard of cribbage? It's is without a doubt the best two handed card game ever invented. I will be happy to teach anyone that is interested in learning. Please come down, see what it's all about and join us. You'll be glad you did. Please call me: Joe Daesch @ 954-725-9548 for more information.

All nine sub-divisions were represented:

  1. Gary Blum, Board President - Sandpiper Landing
  2. George Hegedus, Board Vice President - Mallard Landing
  3. Lindsay Hodes – Cambridge Park
  4. J. T. Grice  - Brittany Park
  5. Cindi Benjamin – Eagle Cay
  6. Kathryn Aberdale – Essex Park
  7. Rob Hollander – Fairmont Park
  8. Gloria DeJesus – Osprey Point
  9. Steve Levy – Swan’s Landing

Also in attendance was Antoinette Palazzolo, Board Secretary.

  • The minutes of the November 24, 2014 and December 8, 2014 meetings were approved. (View them on the Regency Lakes Website www.RegencyLakes.ORG under the “Documents” tab.)
  • Manager’s Report
    • Repair will be scheduled to fix the back gate.
    • Violations – Virginia is going around checking for violations. Mallards, Swans, and Fairmont have been addressed; Cambridge and Osprey will be next. A review was done in Brittany and the report will be provided to the board.
    • Alcohol use at the Pool – A sign will be placed stating, “No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed”.
    • Clubhouse Water Damage – working on getting proposals to fix.
    • Patio Furniture at the Clubhouse – Several lounges and chairs need straps repaired.  One round table is deteriorating.
    • Landscaping – working on it, including the perimeter fences.
    • The golf cart has been replaced.
    • Janitor/maintenance - Philip has new maintenance schedule and work log prepared by Virginia.
  • Financial report was announced by Virginia, the treasurer position was open. The December 2014 Financials are being prepared for the Auditor.
  • Committee Reports
    • Safety & Security Committee Report - Steve Braun reported the committee met with Coconut Creek Officer S. Conley to discuss security and traffic issues. Steve Braun and Antoinette Palazzolo stepped down from the security committee.  The board thanks them for their service; The Security Committee would like to welcome J. T. Grice, Lindsay Hodes and Bonita Marriott to the Security Committee, who will join the current members (George Hegedus, Kathryn Bedard).
    • Landscaping Committee Report - Steve Braun and Marvin Baum have stepped down from the Landscaping Committee.  The board thanks them for their service. Steve Levy is the new committee chairperson.  The board welcomes George Hegedus and Kathryn Aberdale to the committee.
    • Technology Committee Report – The website continue to grow in the number of renters and owners registering. We are up to 256 which represents 33% of the 717 homes have one of more registered users. The Calendar now includes community events. The first paper newsletter was a Winter addition, the next will be Spring. We intend to revise and update the address log before each and every mailing. We encourage residents to write articles for our e-newsletter and the paper edition.
    • ACC Report - no report, no scheduled meetings were held in the month of January 2015.
  • A board member asked if we should we have a Lake Committee.
  • Board approved CPM as the lowest of three bids to begin work on the Acraea palms, on the Sandpiper side of the school.
  • The board approved the doggy poop bag purchasing be suspended for three months due to excess amount of money spent on the bags. In 2013-14; 34,000 bags were purchased.
  • To save energy expenses, the board approved Campbell research the costs of a spa cover. It will be placed on the spa each night.
  • Virginia is working on an inventory list of all tools and equipment purchased.
  • The board approved all homeowners who are enrolled in automatic billing will not receive a coupon book.
  • The board requested the website run an article encouraging owners to use the automatic payment method to reduce the costs associated with the coupon booklets.
  • The board is looking at plans for unlimited toll calls for the Gate house telephone and discussed removing the kitchen telephone line.
  • Don Walters, our attorney came to our meeting to discuss foreclosures and homes in arrears. He mentioned that Regency has received revenues from foreclosed and homeowners in arrears of $50,000 during last year.
  • The board requested the website run a Security Protocol article encouraging residents to report security violation to the appropriate authority.
  • The board will revisit the special assessment.  A notice will be sent to all homeowners.
  • Wi-Fi at the clubhouse is being investigated.  It was supposed to be provided as a courtesy with the Comcast 10-year contract. Currently, we’re being charged for it.
  • The board made a motion to welcome Bonita Marriott as our Board Treasurer.
  • The board will revisit the Working Capital Fund amendment regarding assessing new home buyers to pay three months of maintenance when they purchase a home.  The money will go in to Regency Lake’s working fund.

Are you one of the owners who still is using the coupons to pay your monthly HOA fees? Want to help our community association budget receive some relief by reducing the costs of these coupon booklets? Well, here is your opportunity! Electronic payments are becoming increasingly more popular because of the ease and peace of mind it offers. It provides numerous advantages for owners, the community association, and the environment. Yes… the environment so please read on.

Benefits for OwnersImage result for leprechaun

The option of electronic payments for HOA fees is very convenient for you the owner. Once you have set up your account, you no longer have to worry about lost checks or late payments due to slow mail service. You know… “snail mail”. You also won’t have to remember the date each month the HOA fee is due, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your fees are paid on time. Not only does this save you, the owner, time and postage, but it can also eliminate late fees.

Benefits for the Community Association

Direct payment is also beneficial for our community association. It improves cash flow, reduces delinquencies and decreases bank charges, such as lockbox service fees, which in turn helps keep our fees down. Then there are the printing and mailing costs related to those coupon booklets. Plus all the manual hours we are charged for someone at Campbell to open envelopes, process your check and deposit it in the bank.

Benefits for the Environment

Just think, if just 20 percent of households in the U.S. switched to electronic bill payments, 100 million pounds of paper would be eliminated from the manufacturing process—saving 1.4 billion gallons of waste water and 103 million gallons of fuel to deliver it. In fact, a 20 percent reduction in production and transportation of bills, statements and checks would spare the atmosphere two million tons of greenhouse gas a year. Amazing isn’t it?

According to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), a nonprofit trade association responsible for the nation’s electronic  payments system, 43 percent of all U.S. households use electronic payments for at least one financial obligation, including mortgage, utilities, investments, insurance and loans. However, 19 billion paper bills are still delivered through the mail each year.

Next Step

Home computers and the internet make it easy for owners to take advantage of the convenience of paying HOA fees electronically. The Regency Lakes Automatic Withdrawal Form for HOA Monthly Fees is available on the website under Documents- Financial documents or call Charmaine Slingsby at Campbell 954-571-3364, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Understand the difference between electronic checks and withdrawals. - An electronic fund transfer happens instantly. The money is moved and credited in one fell swoop. - However, some institutions offer electronic checks, which simply allow you to electronically arrange for a paper check to be generated and mailed.

Note: With electronic withdrawals, you never have to worry about late fees. But if you choose electronic checks, you need to allow extra days for your bank to send it to Campbell, and checks may not arrive until as many as six days later.


Golf is sometimes perceived as a secret society with its own mores, culture and language, which can make it feel exclusionary, elitist or unwelcoming.  Yet, while the sport is deeply rooted in history and traditions that make it great, today’s golf scene is getting with the times like never before.  In fact, golf will present you with such unbelievable personal and shared experiences that the only fear you’ll have nowadays is a FOMO –a “Fear of Missing Out!”

There are almost too many reasons to list for taking up this great game, but here’s eight of them to get you started: Image result for golf

Connections Abound – Golf’s a relationship game.  Every angle of the sport is rooted in relationships—both personal and business. And your time spent in and around the game allows you to make connections and foster relationships through shared experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise make.

“Grass Ceiling” No More – Tired of being excluded from the informal networks your colleagues, especially the guys, are building on the course and then leveraging for career advancement?  Grass ceiling no more, girl.  Get in the game.  You’ll break down those barriers, and build a network for a lifetime.

The Great Outdoors – In this high-tech generation of being chained to our mobile devices while doing more with less at the office, who couldn’t use a little more time outside in the fresh air?  Can’t you just hear your mom saying, “Go outside and play!”?  Mom knows best, especially when it comes to what a little fresh air can do to boost your mind, body and spirit.

Calorie Burn – Who couldn’t use a little extra off?  You’ll burn approximately 2,000 calories during an 18-hole round (while walking and carrying your clubs) or even 1,300 calories when riding a golf cart as you play!

Your Wardrobe Awaits – Forget about the stodgy, starchy, boxy and, yes, tacky golf shirts of days gone by.  Cute, fashion-forward, sexy, professional, sporty; whatever look you’re going for on the course, the fashion world is your oyster in golf.  Oh, and the shoes!  One word.  Love.

Your Significant Other – Golf is such a special sport to share with a spouse or partner.  You’ll leave the world behind and be together, undisrupted in a beautiful setting where nothing else matters but the two of you.  Fun and closeness are sure to result.  (And don’t fret if you don’t currently have a significant other, many happy couples are known to have met on the golf course.)

Destinations Await – Around the corner or even the globe, golf travel can take you to stunning locations all over the world.

That One Shot – There’s no way to do justice to describing the feeling of pure exhilaration you’ll experience the first time you connect your golf club with that little white ball.  There’s really nothing like it!  You can do it…And you’ll never forget it!  Believe me, it will keep you coming back to the game you love!

So, no more FOMO a “Fear of Missing Out!” …Get Golf Ready today!

Gary Blum, a resident in Sandpiper Landings and President of the Master Board is seeking interested residents for a Sunday round of golf. Please give Gary a call at 954-698-6355 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To maintain high water quality in the water distribution system, Broward County will begin its semi-annual disinfection process, called free chlorination, on March 4, 2015 and end in approximately thirty days. Since free chlorination works more effectively with hydrant flushing, residents will see an increase in hydrant flushing activity during the same period. Customers served by the City of Coconut Creek may notice a chlorine taste or odor in their tap water during this period.

These temporary conditions should not cause adverse health effects; however, if you are sensitive to the taste or odor of chlorine, keep an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.

Persons currently undergoing dialysis or with a compromised immune system should consult their health care provider to determine whether the change in disinfection will affect their treatment. In addition, anyone who has a fish tank or pond, including grocery stores and restaurants with lobster tanks and fish containers at bait shops, that use city water should contact a pet or aquarium professional to determine the need for any adjustments to their aquarium treatment procedures.

Please note that it takes approximately two weeks for the chlorine to clear from the system so the taste and smell changes may be present until approximately April 18, 2015.

Read more about the hydrant flushing program here.

For questions please call at 954-973-6786. Thank you.

See more at: http://www.coconutcreek.net/parks/news/2015/02/25/chlorine-taste-in-water-due-to-disinfecting#sthash.5wVDoWXH.dpuf


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